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Mole Removal Specialist

Patricia G. Gao, MD

Primary Care Physician located in Glen Burnie, MD

Moles are a common type of growth on the skin. While some moles are cancerous, others are completely harmless. Some patients choose mole removal for cosmetic reasons. If you have a suspicious or bothersome mole on your skin, schedule an appointment to see Dr. Patricia G. Gao at her private practice. Skilled at minimizing scarring during mole removal, Dr. Gao serves patients in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Mole Removal Q&A

What types of moles should you remove?

If you have a mole in your beard area, you may wish to remove it. This is especially the case if shaving over it repeatedly causes irritation. You might also want to remove moles on other parts of your body that are prone to friction and trauma. Removing cancerous moles is necessary. Cancerous moles often have asymmetrical shapes. One half of the mole is different than the other half. Cancerous moles also sometimes have notched, scalloped, or irregular borders. Watch for moles that change in size, height, color, or shape. If your mole turns black, is comprised of many colors, or is an uneven color, schedule a visit with Dr. Gao as quickly as possible.

How are moles removed?

Mole removal typically takes a short amount of time. Dr. Gao performs mole removals on an outpatient basis. She’s experienced with multiple types of mole removal procedures including:

  • Cryotherapy
  • Shave biopsy
  • Punch biopsy
  • Excisional removal

After examining you, Dr. Gao can determine the best method to remove your mole.

What types of skin conditions do patients suffer from besides moles?

Besides moles, you can experience several other types of skin issues. Dr. Gao can treat common skin conditions including various skin rashes, skin tags, cysts, and abscesses. Rashes cause dry and itchy skin. Rashes can occur on your face, behind your knees, inside your elbows, and on your hands and feet. She  can both treat skin rashes when they happen and help you recognize what’s causing your flares. As you age, small growths, referred to as skin tags, may develop. If they’re bothering you, Dr. Gao can remove them. Typically noncancerous, cysts are small bumps beneath your skin. They can appear anywhere on your skin, but are most common on the neck, trunk, and face. If you dislike the appearance of your cyst, Dr. Gao can safely remove it. If you’re suffering from an abscess, she may make a small incision in the tip of it. After making the incision, she can drain the abscess. If you have a deep infection that can’t be drained, Dr. Gao might pack it with sterile gauze. Depending on the size and severity of your abscess, you might need to take antibiotics.


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